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Blue Corner, Paseo de Santa Rosa

July 6, 2009

Had lunch last Saturday with the family and friends after picking up the kids from taekwondo practice, and before heading to Makati for some catching up with the long time friends. Paseo de Santa Rosa is always changing. Four years ago we only had the posh arcade with its outlet stores and the country market. The latest addition was the Market Terminal where the palengke and the carinderias of the former country market, including Blue Corner, were relocated.


The game jins

Perhaps this place will also become a transport terminal for those working in Manila, as commuting to the Balibago town proper is always a hassle with all the shuttles carrying industrial park workers choking the provincial road.

Paseo Market Terminal

The peaks of Tagaytay could be seen in the distance. The Palace in the Sky is partially hidden. Nice views here in the south, no?

Blue Corner had been a mainstay of my Laguna office life. Lunchouts would be at BC by default even if I worked in another town. We would always order sizzling blue marlin, squid, tilapia and pork belly, always the same plate of protein slathered with butter and oyster sauce.

It is in the old, dingy Blue Corner where we celebrated birthdays, promotions and first paychecks and drowned frustrations over office politics. It was here where I got famous for the words “I’m fucking drunk” before walking towards Starbucks, repeating the same line to the barista who knew me well, and ordering a shot of espresso, which I realized later was too expensive for its potency against a bottle of Chivas.

This time in Blue Corner though, we haven’t seen the curly, lanky guy who we baptized as Dindo Fernando, who only knew us by face.

Blue Corner

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