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I feel like Madonna

July 6, 2009

–obviously not the religious icon though.  My reinvention is ongoing. I feel funny that I had to pick an auspicious date, title and color scheme to start over. Nothing wrong with that.

Started with a solitary celebration. If only I could smash the bottle of Singapore sling (hey that is so south, deep deep down south though) on the monitor and send South by Design (formerly The Doppler Effect, formerly 2046 Sutras, formerly The White Papers: Live from Cubicle L23) off to unchartered waters. No hangovers experienced, but the reddish potion gave my stomach some trouble later in the day.

Singapore sling

Sob story portion. After becoming a statistic of the recession I had to get my acts together and think over what I really want, what I really really want. It turned out that I still do not know, as most men before their late 30s do. Engineer and dayjobber again? Writer, poet, designer, photographer? Can I do all?

Or can I wait till the big four-oh?

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