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Around the Rizal Shrine

July 9, 2009

Still on the behind the scenes account of an article on Rizal Shrine. While waiting for the curator’s meeting to finish, I walked around the vicinity of the shrine in Calamba. There was the Church of San Juan Bautista where Rizal was baptized, complete with his record on display.

Calamba Church

The only working traffic lights in Calamba

The town plaza from across the street has a viewing deck where one can see the shrine beyond the ginormous claypot which bears the barangays of Calamba. After all, the name Calamba was derived according to legend from kalan banga, or clay stove.

Kalan banga. Oo, Calamba nga!

I just wish that the native zeitgeist seen throughout the country should not be limited to simulated wooden branches, bamboos, riprapped rocks and coconut palms, then painted over with a high gloss finish. Tolentino pulled it off with the Oblation but sadly, the claypot does not work for me.

The waiting was worth it, in fairness. The drum and bugle corps practicing on the first floor of the plaza played the The 1812 Overture. Such a very difficult piece, but I am getting a picture of Calambenos to be highly-cultured and mighty proud of their heritage. Maybe the extra effort to play the 1812 was dedicated to Calamba’s famous son.

Perhaps a radio jock owns this?

I was after the nice typography on this establishment. I wonder what that is. Does a female radio jock own this place?

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