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Playing catch-up

July 20, 2009

Slowlight at The Columns

Maybe it comes with already living 50% of the life expectancy, death becoming real through contemporaries who have recently departed, or just because there’s a need to party while recession is in progress. Everybody just wanted to know how everybody’s doing. Even if I am not a fan and just logs in occasionally, Facebook works to a certain extent.

Prior Independence Day I met the guys at Santa Rosa Heights in (duh) Silang, Cavite.

We don't live forever!

I left past midnight. While driving past the Adventist University of the Philippines campus I smelled what seemed like candles burning, just when I wanted to feel the breeze of Tagaytay. I rolled up the windows and did not look at my rear view mirror until I saw the lights of Paseo de Santa Rosa.

Then there was the catching up with the wife’s high school friends and the kids’ godmothers at Travel Cafe and The Columns a few days later.

Travel Cafe

Travel Cafe

The customary food shot

Baby the stars shine bright tonight @ The Columns

And lastly the meetup at Mom and Tina’s with high school friends as a transplanted Londoner came to town.

The customary table shot

The customary candid table shot

My eyes are fooling me

I think it wouldn’t get any better than this. Not necessarily the alcohol by which everything started and restarted. Caffeine enters the scene every now and then.

Catching up gets me grounded. I won’t live forever eh?

The f*cking drunk photographer

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  1. July 22, 2009 4:51 am

    there you go…personal touch (somehow). i miss this kind of blog from you. i miss the old blogs…but then again, sabi mo nga…that was the old you and that you have to move on…ingat lang lagi ok?

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