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Ciudad Sunday

July 28, 2009

Was at Ciudad de Calamba last Sunday for a children’s party. Laziest Sunday ever.

Where's the party?

Obviously not a party, from the pictures here and henceforth, since, where are the kids? Busy at PS2. I strolled the grounds and made a self-photowalk instead. Note to self: interact with more people more often.

The split

The host suggested I climb up Ciudad’s welcome arch. Mount Batulao is on the left side.

Portal to the east

I envy Manong Guard’s office space. Even without a computer and internet access, he’s got the best view in Calamba by far, and 360 degrees at that, but I’ll be careful with what I wish for.

Best office space in the world

Noticed them big? Yeah I want my pictures big from now on. Big is sexy.

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  1. July 30, 2009 10:10 am

    That photo with the dog’s amazing.

    I’m keeping you in my blog links–hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    • tyroncaliente permalink*
      July 30, 2009 11:04 am

      I’ve you in my links. Sure I don’t mind! Thanks for visiting.

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