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Who is this poser?

I am the real Tyron Caliente.

Almost. I had to ask permission to use this pseudonym. Besides, my real name got me nowhere as I share it with several hundreds worldwide. It was a very personal reason but it has been my lucky charm as I was able to get published for the first time, in the anthology Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 1 with my story, The Doppler Effect.

I am so fertile, I’m wading in creative juices.

I’ve lived down south for five years, worked there for ten as an engineer. Trying to catch up with documenting the deep south for the last two years now that I’m a statistic of the recession. Office firewalls are counterproductive anyhow.

It was a love-hate relationship. There is the long travel time, the opportunities (and the occasional lack of), the undiscovered culture in the unexpected places, the adventures of an uprooted city rat into the pastoral, bucolic and perceived-to-be-backward province.

But fresh air and wide freeways–you can’t beat those.

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